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Stop and Think

Have you ever stop and thought what would happen to your four legged babies if they ever ended up at Franklin County Dog Shelter? This honestly is something that haunts Jeff and I when it comes to ours. You see Franklin County Dog Shelter is ridiculous when it comes to reasons dogs end up on their euthanasia list. You see if a dog is fearful, timid, or even the slightest dog aggressive they won’t make it onto the adoption floor. They end up not the rescue list and if they aren’t rescue within a certain amount of time, they are for the lack of a better word MURDERED. Some of you may think that is a little harsh of a word but in reality it isn’t.

The reason we feel this way is because we have had and have babies that if god forbid they ended up at the shelter would be on the kill list. Our beloved Klaus as big of a baby that he was would have been lost without his pack and would have been not only afraid but I would wager he would be aggressive as well. You see Dobermans are known as the velcro dogs and they need not only their humans but their pack.

This couldn’t be more true then with one of current babies Zeus. He suffers from not only separation anxiety, he has ADD and is extremely hyper and very much dislikes being away from us and his pack. If he ended up at the shelter I doubt he would even make it to the rescue list. He would be distraught I’m sure they would murder him right away and that makes me sick. Zeus has the biggest heart and at his core a big baby. He just has issues caused by humans that sometimes prevent him from being his true self. That is why Jeff and I are committed to doing anything we can to make sure he is able to find his true self.

Along with that we are also committed to helping rescue as many adoptable as we can. That is why we are constantly raising money for different rescues and why we are planning the Rescue Runway Columbus event in September. We are also committed to getting new leadership in at the Franklin County Dog Shelter because no baby should murdered because of the mistakes humans have made in their past.

So please don’t shop, adopt and if you are going to adopt make sure you know what you are getting yourself into. It does a dog no good if you are going to adopt them and just return them because it doesn’t fit your life. This also adds to the problem.